Let go and let God



Part of discovering who you are is learning to let goof things that are holding you back. Everyone has something they hold on to whether it be past or present. We carry these “things” around like millennials carry around their cell phones. For those non-millennials reading, that means we rarely let go of them and when we do we pick them right back up.

The thing about letting go is that it’s actually really hard. The things we hold on to, good and bad, often bring us comfort of some sort. But it is time to unload the backpack of “things” we are carrying and lighten the load.

I am honestly sitting here writing this post to myself. I have a few of things I’ve picked back up that I need to let go of. I’ve been carrying them around, even though I know I have a Father in Heaven who is desperately asking me to let go. He knows the burden is to heavy for me to carry and I honestly can’t carry them for one more day.

So today I am letting go of….

  • control
  • the anxiety caused by the unknown
  • the pressure I put on myself
  • doubt and distrust

I can sit here and spit out verses about what God says about all of these things. I know the truths of His word and I know the power of letting go. But I am a human, I am not perfect and sometimes I pick things up that I’ve already laid at the feet of Jesus.

Don’t be discouraged by the process of letting go and trusting God. It is a hard one. If and when you find yourself picking things back up that you’ve let go of, go back to the cross and lay them there. There are weeks, like this week, where I am frustrated at myself for picking things up that I’ve already let go of. It happens, we are human.

Please give yourself some grace through this process. God does not demand that we are perfect in our efforts of trusting him, He just wants us to continue to try. So keep trying and let something go this week. Big or small, the Lord wants to carry the burden of His children.

What is something  you need to lay at the feet of Jesus and how can I pray for you this week? 

You are so loved, my friends. .



3 thoughts on “Let go and let God

  1. cayleighmorrow says:

    I too have anxiety from the unknown and I feel myself dealing with that daily. I also am a people pleaser so I tend to take on more than I can handle, or I spend my time putting other’s needs before my own and I need to learn that it’s okay to think of myself every now and then.


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